About Our Network

Nothing works without a network of amazing talented people and businesses that have your back! Our Design, Finance, Real Estate, Legal, Business, and Culinary network gives you all the support needed to guide you through this journey in Real Estate and Business.

Our Genesis Home Real Estate Expansion Team with Exp Realty provides our clients and our network with the knowledge of Real Estate with the commitment and passion of community. Our Real Estate Team focuses on being a strong resource,advocate, and guidance as you go through your journey in Real Estate. They are your first line of defense in Real Estate.

Our network of Lenders and Financial Advisers from Accounting and Retirement Planning, Our Financial network focus is getting you comfortable,confident and capable in starting and growing your financial portfolio. The focus on education and guidance is what make this network amazing. Financial Empowerment is the goal with our network.

Food will always have a place in our hearts, community, and family. Food has a way of bringing us together and open doors of communication. Our coalition of Chefs, Bakers and Entertainment Planners provides our clients and support teams an opportunity to talk and engage with comfort and wholesome food and events.

Our Partnership with Visual and Media Services gives our clients and business collective quality services in branding, web design, real estate services, and consultation services. Their inclusivity and holistic approach to business and branding supports our commitment to community and growth of our clients and our collective.

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