Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Genesis Home?

A: A full Real Estate and Business services that helps future Real Estate and Business enthusiasts navigate through their goals with assistance from specialists in Real Estate and Business.

Q:How much does it cost to be a member/client of Genesis Home?

A: It depends on the project and goals. Every situation is different. We do not charge up front fees to speak to an advisor or member of the network.

Q: What is an expansion team?

A: Our Expansion team of Genesis Home agents are talented Agents from Exp realty. They are Exp Realty Agents in different states with different specialties that help our clients in addressing long term goals.

Q: Do you only address the basic needs of the client?

A: No, We cover before,during and after your goals are achieved. Building of solid professional relationships with our clients and members are important. We are aware that life happens, we want to be there when needed.

Q: What makes a Genesis Home client/member?

A: We vet our clients and members based on tangible goals and opportunities, value to communities and ability to contribute. Genesis Home believes in the power of community and our role in its positive growth. Our members are usually buyers, investors and business owners.

Q: What is the Genesis Home Network?

A: It’s a one stop for links to classes,resources and literature for you.

Q: What is The Digital Community?

A: Our Genesis Home community on mighty networks allows you to have direct access to up to date information,podcast and news from our contributors. It’s also a great way to talk to our network directly and address concerns you might have.